Inuyashiki Episode 5: Busted

I suppose this episode was meant to soften Hiro a bit after all that we've seen him do. Overall, I don't particularly have a problem with it. I'm not sure if there's more to Hiro's past that has made him as ruthless as he is, but this week's episode suggests that he could turn it around. On the Inuyashiki side of things, it was nice to see him finally get some validation from Ando.

In the case of Hiro, you could make the argument that it's easier to make someone who cares about few things care more than it is to make someone who doesn't care at all care. I'm assuming that's the idea that this episode was trying to propose by showing how much Hiro would do to make his mother happy.

This dream sequence where Hiro is human again was pretty random, but I guess it shows that he was starting to see his new condition as a curse. I'm curious if that was a persistent thought or just something that was starting to happen with the events in this episode.

I also wonder how Hiro really got caught. This episode showed him becoming a bit more bold with his actions, especially with the money he was gathering, in order to help his mother. However, the events near the end seemed to heavily suggest that Ando turned him in. There was the comment about a witness coming forward and that dramatically slow shot where Ando walked past Hiro. That's probably the obvious answer.

I'm looking forward to seeing where things go next. I suppose Hiro could take his mother and try to hide away somewhere, but I kinda want to see that Hiro vs. Inuyashiki fight that's in the making.

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