Fate/Apocrypha Episode 18: Random interlude done

I'm really struggling with this Jack story. It might have been better with a bit more information, but I couldn't see it as much more than an excuse to split the party. I had way too much questions about why characters were behaving the way they were. The random scene at the end where Shakespeare basically says "and now back to the story" was pretty funny because of how true it was...

Atalanta's the big culprit in this episode. The opening of the episode explained that her dream for the Grail comes from the fact that she was abandoned as a child, but it doesn't explain why she completely turns on Jeanne. If Artemis treated her well, I don't see why she would have so much resentment bottled up. Why was she so viscerally offended by the fact that Jeanne wanted to destroy the kids that made up Jack? The only explanation I could muster was that Jack brainwashed her, but Jack was willing to accept death in the end.

And on that note, why did the kids change their mind? From my perspective, I saw Atalanta and Jeanne arguing about what the right thing to do was, and suddenly a child walks forward ask if there's any other way. Then, they just accept when Jeanne says "no". That scene kinda cheapened the background to me, making me think that the only reason it was there was to force Atalanta to hate Jeanne.

Still, there was one part of the episode that I liked, which was surprisingly Sieg's scene. The fact that he's a homunculus that has only seen the benevolence of humans is used well when he's shown the suffering of London in Jack's past. His response makes sense when he questions why humans can act in this ways, because he's rightfully surprised to see it. I just wish that there was more to Jeanne's response. I kinda want to know why she accepts human cruelty so easily.

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