Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau Episode 4: Saving the day

I'm really conflicted with this episode. I still enjoy watching this series, but some of the scenes didn't really make much sense to me. For starters, I agree with Suou's reaction to the elders, but I wish I knew more about why the elders expected him to just agree with their decision to sink the Mud Whale.

Suou had just lost his sister and he clearly doesn't know the secret "sin" that has been committed. So why would he agree to slaughter the survivors when he just watched so many people die? Did they expect him to dutifully follow orders? Was he someone who would agree that it would be better to die on his own terms rather than at the hands of invaders? These answers should really have been set up if they wanted this scene to work.

Ginshu was another strange piece in this episode. While I think her character could add to the cast with her attitude, she was never given anything more than a brief cameo in the previous episode. Yet suddenly she's poised to become a major character in the story. Was she just not worth the effort?

And while it's funny that she easily betrays her comrades to help Chakuro, I don't know enough about her to understand why that makes any sense. It's not like Chakuro had told her that his life was in danger or anything. Did she just think she was helping Chakuro with a prank or something?

I still find Ouni to be the most interesting character. I would have liked to see his conversation develop more because I liked what he said about the captive. It brings up the moral topic of personhood and what determines what privileges we give to other people. I also liked what he said to Chakuro about not wanting to be put in a "box", given a simple label to describe him as an individual.

I'm not sure what to make of Neri yet. The way she showed Chakuro the souls of the dead seemed cool, and I'm curious about her doubled personality. The fact that she shows up at the end of the episode makes me think that Falaina is the name of the creature they found and that it periodically possesses Neri. I'm hoping we'll get some explanations next week given that the main characters are basically finding out everything.

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