Dies Irae Episode 4: Crazy escalation

I guess this week's episode finally gives us a lot of the information we were missing, but the pacing of the show is still really messed up. I understand that they're trying to cram a VN into a single season, but it's still absurd. In last week's episode, Ren was just finding out about his power. In this episode, he's comfortable enough to activate it at will, and goes into the second stage (formation) right after learning about it.

All things aside, I have to say that I find the idea of an organization training up their ultimate enemy seems fairly interesting. It feels like the series is pointing a finger at the stories where the villains do this on accident by having their villains do it on purpose. So many stories have the villain accidentally making the hero stronger by leaving them alive or something, so this one just says "that's the plan all along".

I mean...this alibi works for me.

Are we not gonna talk about how Ren figured out who Marie is? I guess he admits that he's still missing a lot of her story, but this scene makes me feel like I missed something.

The final fight was confusing enough. I guess Rea drops the suggestion before it that Trifas is not as kind as Ren thinks he is, but I still feel like I'm missing a lot of context on why Spinne had to die. Was he secretly plotting against Trifas?

Also, the whole thing about bringing up a faceless Kasumi lookalike to kill in front of Ren wasn't obvious at all...

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