Fate/Apocrypha Episode 17: Zombies?

I guess the Jack train is still rolling. Still, most of this episode's first half seemed like a simple excuse to force Ruler and Sieg together some more. I'm not convinced by the "decoy" plan because Ruler immediately returns to being a Servant at the first hint of the acid mist. At least try to confirm that Jack is there first...

Still, the contrast between Shiro and Jeanne wasn't bad. Shiro's declaration that he threw away his hatred of humanity makes me think he channeled it into his current plan. On the other hand, Jeanne doesn't forgive humanity, but instead understands why they turned against her.

Question: why wouldn't Sieg be worried about Leticia? Jeanne is kinda taking advantage of her and sticking her into a dangerous situation. Isn't that a bit messed up?

Semiramis is definitely not copying Medea here by falling in love with her Master. She's obviously an Assassin, so it's completely different!

I would totally care about this death if this character had gotten more than a single sentence of backstory.

I guess I'm supposed to conclude from the continuous use of plural pronouns that Jack the Ripper is actually an amalgamation of the street kids from this scene. If Jack only said "we", I would think that she just has some strange attachment to her former friends. However, other characters refer to Jack as "they", so there's clearly more to it. This is why we can't have nice things, translators.

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