Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau Episode 2-3: And suddenly...

Okay, I was expecting the dark twist, but this series really escalated quickly. The second episode reveals the truth behind Lykos while completely unraveling the world that the Mud Whale's citizens knew. The third episode was just a tragedy, but it really hit home. It was pretty hard to watch.

While the idea of removing emotions is interesting on its own, I'm much more curious about how it's developed in the third episode. The dialogue between Lykos and her "allies" suggests that the emotionless state is the default in the outside world. While the third episode certainly had its strange moments with that idea (specifically the pink-haired soldier who is way too emotive), I think it's cool and want to see where it goes.

So is the entire Mud Whale full of sinners or are the elders the true sinners? I'm still curious what the big secret is, but I'm not sure I have enough to speculate yet.

The deaths in this episode were pretty rough. It hurt to watch Chakuro telling the dead Sami that his earlier comment about her weight was unwarranted. And given how Chakuro reacted to the first death in the series, this behavior is pretty consistent.

Suou has a line at the end too where he says that his goal all along was to find a way to extend the lifespan of the Marked so he wouldn't have to see Sami die. This show really knows how to play at the emotions.

Also, Taisha's death was pretty hard too, since she had just gotten through telling us that she was just doing what she could to hold out until she was old enough to join the elders.

On the other hand, Ouni was pretty awesome in this episode. His fight scene was much better than I was expecting from a series like this, and he really handled himself well. The fact that he's willing to go much further than any of the other villagers makes him the "necessary evil" in the show. It's a concept I find interesting, so I'm looking forward to see where he goes.

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