Inuyashiki Episode 3: Two different approaches

This series continues to be really entertaining, particularly with how they contrasted the two "transformed" characters are being contrasted. That being said, I did find it a bit odd that Hiro just ran away from Inuyashiki in the beginning. I don't think he even mentions Inuyashiki at any point after that. I would have expected him to be curious.

The way the two different characters approach their powers is pretty interesting to watch. I would expect Hiro to be really excited to have a new robot body. We see this manifesting in the way he understands his powers when he describes them to Ando. He's having fun with his new abilities and attempting to find their limits.

On the other side, Inuyashiki is much less bothered with testing his abilities because he's focused on helping others. He discovers his abilities by accident when his desperation pushes him. Still, the way he learned to fly was pretty funny, and I thought it was cool that he went straight to the hospital when he found out about his healing powers.

The hospital trip came as a really sharp contrast to Hiro's attitude, dismissing the more miraculous implications of the ability in order to fix a paper cut. I'm definitely curious to see how that works out for Inuyashiki next week. It seems like he's found a pretty amazing power that would draw a lot of attention, so I can't imagine that it will end well.

Inuyashiki's fight in this episode was also pretty hilarious. I liked that he flailed about as you would expect from an old man, but his powers allowed him random bursts of strength.

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