Juuni Taisen Episode 4: Is it changing?

Of the characters we've been shown so far, I didn't find Monkey's backstory to be all too interesting. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel much for the pacifist who can't stop the wars even when she succeeds. That being said, Monkey does have the distinction of breaking the mold by surviving her own episode. I also liked the idea that she focuses on the people she failed to save despite acknowledge that she has saved more people than the other contestants.

Hopefully, this ending indicates a departure from the norm, because it could very easily be a simple tease. If Monkey dies quickly at the beginning of next week's episode, then what have we really gained?

For me, Monkey's survival was especially surprising given the fact that she has a significant other waiting for her back home. That alone should be enough of a death sentence in a series like this, so I was absolutely expecting her to have the same kind of inglorious death that the other characters experienced.

I really had trouble with the conversation about Chicken in this episode. I really have trouble accepting that Chicken would have changed so much just from her conversation with Monkey. It was frustrating to see how Chicken's change was treated because it make me feel like much less thought had gone into it than I had hoped. Meh...what can you do?

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