Kino no Tabi Episodes 2-3: Pushing through

So, I didn't write a post about last week's episode because I didn't find the concept of the coliseum country particularly interesting. Still, the episode did have its strong points. It's cool that Kino is willing to take such an active in a country despite being a traveller.

Also, I liked the way the episode presented Kino's interaction with the married couple that arrived in the country first. We only get a glimpse of the wife in the beginning, clues at the gate, and a full explanation at the end. It really was a nice way to make me go "oh, that's what that meant".

Episode 3 was more of what I liked about the first episode, introducing the intriguing concept of the moving country. As opposed to the country in episode 2, this episode felt like it was pushing a lot more ambiguity when it was showing the country. It felt like it was less clear whether the country was supposed to be "good".

Even though it's later revealed that the walled country imposes unfair tolls on travellers, it's still hard to say that the moving country was morally justified in breaking through the country by sheer force. At the end of the day, why couldn't the country just turn around and go somewhere else? Is it just a simple case of "might makes right"? Quite fun to think about.

But if you really think about it, the moving country has no real reason to respect the wishes of another country. It's not hard to sympathize with a country acting in its own interest, right? You could argue that the walled country provided no benefit to the moving country that would encourage diplomacy.

Kino's actions in this episode were also similarly grey. It seemed like she sided with the walled country but still helped the moving country for personal gain. Anyway, this was a really entertaining episode overall.

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