Dies Irae Episode 2: Join the team

This episode has a couple of decent parts, but I think it was pretty boring overall. We get our first real fight in this episode, and it ended up being largely depressing. Hey, at least they wasted no time making it clear that the dreams Ren had were clearly linked to the beheadings that were happening around him.

I'm really unsure about what I was supposed to get from the church shenanigans. Just meeting some new characters?

Honestly, I think it'd be cool if Ren really was the one murdering people in the night, but I'm way too skeptical about this scene. It's much more likely that Ren woke up in time to see a corpse that someone else created. Either that or the dead girl was actually some evil creature or something. I've watched enough anime to know where this is going.

The fight itself just seemed lazy. It felt like the animation was much more focused on showing us Ren's arm breaking than actually showing the fight. I don't need a gratuitous slowmo to show how resilient the bad guy is. I'm more upset that the episode just showed street lights being taken out rather than showing us the action that was causing the street lights to fall.

Seriously, man...what's up with this guy?

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