Juuni Taisen Episode 3: The power of friendship?

So, I think we can say that the pattern is pretty much set in this show. Each episode will likely develop a character and then kill that character off. Glad we got that sorted out. I've never been one to allow knowledge of the ending to ruin my experience, so I'm not willing to condemn this show yet. With regards to this episode, I thought that Chicken's background was interesting and the encounter with Monkey has me curious. So I'd say it was still an entertaining episode despite the foregone conclusion.

The beginning of this episode is kinda strange. It seems a bit too easy for Chicken to know about Dog's One Man Army ability, so I had trouble accepting an explanation so simple. But when I thought about it some more, I think I convinced myself a little. After all, Chicken found Dog in the previous episode, so it would make sense that she would go after the person she researched the most.

Poor Boar felt like she was getting bullied in this episode. She was already the first real death in the show, and Chicken finishes her off already. Well, at least she got the chance to use her ability in a fight, right?

Anyway, I'm most intrigued by Monkey's role in this episode. If she's really the reason behind Chicken's strange actions at the end, I'd say that's a pretty interesting way to introduce her ability. Monkey was already described as a brilliant diplomat, so it's not insane for her to have some ability to manipulate minds.

The fact that her death is next on the list makes it much more likely that she is responsible for Chicken's death, as we need to know how Monkey fights before she gets killed. The implications make it more fun.

I guess my main question from this episode is about Chicken's plan. Did she just not know about the lethal aspect of Dog's poison? What exactly was her plan to win the whole game? It's almost a convenient plot point to kill her off at the end of the episode, but I have to wonder what would have happened if she wasn't the next character on the chopping block.

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