Dies Irae First Impressions (1): The real beginning

After the confusion that was episode 0, this episode was much more along the lines of what I would expect from this show. While I still have reservations from that "prologue", this introduction felt a lot more consistent than what I saw last week. That being said, this introduction didn't do too much other than show off a few characters.

I definitely expected this intro scene to be the kind of throwaway scene I expect that isn't explained until much later in the story, but it was actually relevant to the introduction. I don't know if it's explicitly stated, but it seemed pretty clear that this fight on the roof was the reason Ren was coming out of the hospital in the next scene.

I presume that this scene is the pretty standard "main character awakens to a hidden power" scene, so I don't have much to say on it. Though I question why a guillotine is relevant in a show where the antagonists are from World War II.

I was wondering why Kasumi's hole in the wall was a circle while Shirou's hole was a square. Do you think it might have been for this scene? Because I think it is!

Potential yandere in the making? I know the apron suggests that she was in the middle of cooking, but the scene from this perspective is pretty suggestive.

I guess the big piece from this episode was the mysterious murder that involved a beheading. It's too much of a coincidence that it happened while Ren was dreaming of a guillotine, so I'll be annoyed if he isn't somehow linked to it. Preferably. he would be responsible somehow, but maybe that's asking too much.

Secret meetings are so secret. I'm not even going to pretend like that I understood what they were talking about. I'm sure it will come. Anyway, this first episode seemed...better. If I can survive the onslaught of VN information, maybe I can keep this up.

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