Inuyashiki First Impressions (1): The hero arrives

I'm still not sure what to make of this series, but that was a promising first episode. I wasn't completely sold on the old protagonist, but the progression of the episode did a good job of changing that. I gotta say...this is probably the most awkward midlife crisis I've ever seen.

I felt like this episode made good use of the scenes it showed. The weird delusion on the subway seemed strange at first, but makes a lot more sense when put into the context of the entire episode. It's pretty much introducing us to Inuyashiki's desire to be a hero even if he doesn't have the power to go through with it. His desire to help at the end of the episode starts to make more sense with that in mind.

The cancer diagnosis and Inuyashiki's subsequent phone calls also do a good job of illustrating his current position and mental state. There's no need for him to narrate anything in his head or give some weird speech. The moment when he asks if his family would even cry at his death, you have a good sense of what's happening.

As for the "discovery" scene, I suppose that pretty much went as expected. It was decently comical too.

In the case of the ending scene, I was pretty curious about the decision to upload a video of the incident with the punk kids. It seemed like a strange thing for an old man to do (or even know how to do), so it made me wonder just how much he's in control of his new body. There's the issue of the other guy who was with him when the aliens arrived. Plus, Inuyashiki was effectively turned into a robot, so how much is "him"?

Having Inuyashiki give his name at the very end was a nice touch too. He waits until he's accepted himself and recognized that he still has the will to participate in the world.

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