Juuni Taisen Episode 2: Not so sure anymore

While I was more intrigued by the first episode, I'm much more hesitant after seeing this second episode. I feel like I'm seeing the start of a formula which will make this show less interesting to watch. Both episodes have started with a focus on a particular character, explained that character's background, and then killed the character in the end. For that to work, these characters are going to have to be very interesting.

At least they cleared up the whole thing with the poison rocks from last week. It seems that the rules of Juuni Taisen change every time its held. However, that still brings up more questions. If the participants can leave the city, is it normal that the starting city is emptied? Or is this a special precaution against a particular "necromantist"?

While Chicken's betrayal was pretty predictable, I wasn't quite expecting the casual nature of Dog's death. She just reached out and crushed his skull. I was expecting some elaborate plan, but there's no way she'd rely on Dog to bite her, right? Either way, that death was good for a laugh, but I'm still wondering what Chicken brings to this show.

As a final note, I went ahead and checked the order of the Chinese zodiac to see if there's a pattern. If we assume there's more to the dead Snake/Dragon twin, the current death order is Boar and then Dog.

The legend behind the original zodiac order was that there was a race between all of the animals and the order was determined by when they all finished. As such, Boar is the last in that order and Dog is the animal before Boar. Rooster is also the animal before Boar, and she's looking pretty likely as the next death. So it's fairly obvious that this series is going in that same order when determining the ranking for this game.

Normally I wouldn't have a problem with this, but the Juuni Taisen is apparently a recurring event in this world. That makes it annoying that this "random" event happens to be the one that follows the ordering of the zodiac. I get why it's happening...it just feels really weird.

Also, this all means that Rat is going to be the winner. Again, I wouldn't normally have a problem with that, but Chicken makes a point this week to point out how it's weird that he's in this fight. It's like they're waving a giant flag that he'll win.

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