Kino no Tabi (2?) First Impressions (1): Justice!

I know I said I wouldn't watch this series, but I figured I'd use this first episode as a test to determine whether I should invest in watching the original. And given what I saw in this episode, I'm really thinking I might do it. This episode was a cool combination of a calm travelling adventurer exploring new worlds with a fun philosophical twist.

This episode revolved around a country where murder is not prohibited by law. It's an interesting concept that plays on the viewer's preconceptions about morals. You'd expect (as the characters in the episode do) that a country such as this would be a destitute hangout for criminals, but it ends up being a fairly amiable place. However, the episode manages to build to its ending by giving brief glimpses into the somewhat crazed mentalities of the citizens.

In the end, I found myself really wondering whether a society such as the one depicted in this episode was truly viable. Could the authority of the citizens really keep a place like this together? In fact, my interpretation was more that this country was really an elaborate trick. The citizens are a group of people who occasionally thirst for blood and satisfy themselves by using word of mouth to lure criminals to their country.

Anyway, I like where this episode went, so I'm curious enough to see more. Oh, and I know there's the obvious question of the talking motorrad. I definitely wondered what it was supposed to be and how it could talk. But the fact that the characters in this series didn't really question the talking motorrad makes me think it's not that important. I can probably accept that.

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