Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi First Impressions (1): The master thief

As far as first episodes go, this one wasn't too bad. The steampunk world seems interesting and the setup seems to have a few moving parts to be explored, between the scrappy band of thieves, the revolutionaries attempting to burn London down, and some mystery character lurking in the shadows. The episode also looked really good visually compared to some of the other stuff I've seen in this season.

The heroine for this series is set up as a pretty standard sheltered princess with a dangerous power. The use of a perpetual motion machine might make her interesting, but I suspect it's a simple case where the machine is actually behind her "poison". It could be interesting to see her participate in thief operations.

The reverse harem is a bit expected in a shoujo series, but the rest of the characters seem intriguing enough. I like the band of thieves idea and it's fun that they're named after fictional characters.

The eccentric character in the shadows is probably my main gripe with the episode. I'm just not that interested in who this character is...presumably just the main antagonist backing the terrorist plot given the song.

This flashback transition was kind of cool too.

Overall, I'm willing to keep watching this series to see where it goes. Maybe I'm just coming off of a high with Princess Principal and I'm being baited by the similar setting.

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