Dies Irae First Impressions (0): Something about Nazis

While this episode was only meant to be a prequel to the actual show, it was kind of a mess and doesn't bode well if it's a indication of what's to come. As always, I'm someone who's painfully unaware of the source material.

I guess the point of this episode was to go into the pasts of the main villains, but I didn't really get much out of it. I get the sense that it's intended for an audience that knows more about the series than I did, but I'm still not sure what's there to glean. All I got was that the main antagonist might be getting manipulated from the background, so he might not have full responsibility for his actions.

I was hoping to get more from the fighting parts of the episode, but they didn't seem particularly special either. Specifically, I felt like it started getting more ridiculous when the characters started glowing. Past that, there wasn't much to the exchange of blows...just a lot of staredowns.

But hey...gold is cool, right?

Overall, I think this episode 0 was just unfortunate. It doesn't really introduce anything and probably ends up being more confusing than it's worth for anyone not familiar with what it was supposed to be (I can't be the only one). I'll reserve judgment until I see the real thing, I guess.

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