Juuni Taisen First Impressions (1): Definitely not suspicious

I'm still not entirely sure what I've gotten myself into, but this episode certainly got my attention. I'm just going to say in advance that I'm likely to just stick with zodiac animal names rather than actual character names...we'll see where that leads me. Anyway, this was an entertaining first episode, doing a decent job of introducing things through the lens of a single character.

The combination of Boar and Rabbit as the first real introductions to the cast seems somewhat telling. Rabbit is the most overtly insane member of the cast while Boar remains completely composed as the defending champion. Yet the episode proceeds to show us just how twisted her past was to get her to this point, suggesting that every character is equivalently demented.

Let's be honest, though. Boar was pretty much asking to get stabbed when she went into her internal Sherlock Holmes-style battle planning mode. I'm still not fully convinced because it seems too early to remove a character, but I have to admit that the signs are there. Her background was shown and she is the defending champion. I'm just not sure it makes for a good story to have her continue on as a zombie alongside the other guy (Snake?). We'll see where it goes. She's technically not dead yet.

It's incredibly silly that Boar is able to avoid being hit by an assault rifle at this range, but I was more impressed with the actual fight scene to care.

Also, I just want to make one quick comment about the game description. While I understand that the explanations about the poison are meant for the audience, it's a bit surprising that no one in the room was already familiar with the rules of the competition. Sheep in particular seems like someone who would have participated at least once. The fact that Boar was able to recognize most of the participants also suggests that at least some of them are famous enough. Maybe these bits are hints at rules that weren't stated, like maybe participants can only compete once.

Anyway, it looks good so far. I'm totally okay with continuing this show. Also, I want to make sure to say that I thought the ending song was really cool.

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