Fate/Apocrypha Episode 13: Did I miss something?

I don't know whether it's just the new season or this episode in particular, but I found myself really frustrated while watching this episode. Maybe I'm just missing explanations that exist in the light novel, but too many parts in this episode felt too random and undeveloped. To give a quick example, I'm perfectly willing to accept that Sieg is the protagonist and therefore should be a Master, but his noticing the Command Spells in this episode felt like a pretty sudden development.

Can someone explain this part of the conversation between Shirou and Jeanne? They talked a lot about salvation and some sort of prayer. When did a particular religious belief become relevant to this Grail War?

Also, Shirou is basically taking control of the game because...reasons? Caster of Black in particular probably had the most casual betrayal I've ever seen. His only concern other than the safety of his Master was that Shirou wouldn't interfere with his own plans. What kind of logic is that? Karna at least had the excuse that Shirou had just become his Master.

The death of Rider's Master was surprisingly satisfying, but that's mostly because she felt pretty lackluster as a character. It seemed like she only existed to be some generic crazy chick with no real motivation or background. While it's very dramatic to have her force Rider to kill Sieg, it doesn't really mean much...we have no sense of why she even cares. Mordred really did us a favor.

One last side comment: I happened to notice this scene from the opening animation. It looks a lot like Irisviel, so I'm assuming this shot is an indication of Shirou's end game. It's not shocking, but that seems pretty blatant.

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