Made in Abyss Final Episode (13): So tragic

Well, this series certainly made use of the double episode for this finale. The "hot springs" scene felt a little bit like filler, but pretty much every other moment felt meaningful. This series was definitely an enjoyable watch for this season.

While Mitty's condition certainly was tragic, I'm not sure how I feel about her post-curse immortality. It makes her much more pitiful, but I was expecting something different. I was expecting the fact that Nanachi hadn't killed her to be an expression of Nanachi's desire to maintain her own humanity. If she's unwilling to take the life of her friend, she would prove that the curse hadn't taken away her humanity as advertised.

Although we didn't get too much of an introduction for Bondrewd, he certainly seems like an interesting character. When you really think about it, he has the same fascination and longing to explore the Abyss, but he explores in a different way. His character type isn't too uncommon, but it becomes a bit more ambiguous in the setting that this series has presented, making him a curious case.

Given that we saw part of Riko's dream last week, I was more receptive to the idea that her recovery was linked to Mitty's death. I like that Riko was able to communicate with Mitty in some way right before Mitty ultimately died. Though it's not explicitly stated, she probably gave Nanachi some closure and comfort about the decision to kill Mitty.

And so another ally joins the quest. This really did feel like a logical stopping point for this season. It had that "ending but also beginning" feel to it. That scene with the balloon at the end was also pretty cool, putting into perspective how far the main characters had come.

One final note: I didn't notice until this scene at the very end, but Nanachi's house somewhat resembles Mitty. The left window is fine, but the right window is messed up, similar to the situation with Mitty's eyes.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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