Knight's & Magic Final Episode (13): Consistently fun

Honestly, I thought that this final episode was a satisfying ending even if it was predictably open-ended. In particular, the final fight between Ernesti and Oratio didn't feel as one-sided as it was. It might have just been because Doroteo was there to show emotion for Oratio, but there was no hackneyed scene where Oratio loses his mind trying to "get a win" on Ernesti. He pits his full power against Ernesti's full power and loses pretty honestly.

I think the big issue I had with the episode was the "ideals" battle between Oratio and Ernesti. I don't mind the idea of pitting elegance against practicality. It actually reminds me of the issues I have to deal with commonly as a software developer. That much would have been enough, but the argument then boiled down to "Silhouette Knights vs. Levitate Ships", which kinda counters Oratio's argument. It's not like the Levitate Ship is always practical...his ideal seems to be the same as Ernesti's at the end of the day.

As I said in a previous episode, I really don't have a problem with giving Kid the "hero" moments when it comes to saving Eleonora. In fact, I would say that the fact that Eleonora has a role in the battle was a positive point for me even if she doesn't fight. I feel like there are way too many cases where the king/queen "heroically" decides to join the final battle but just stands there without any trouble.

Final Score: 7/10 Story felt weak because it was going so fast, but I can't help but give points for the mech battles.

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