Princess Principal Final Episode (12): Really asking for that second season

I'm really unsure how to react to this ending. It definitely has an unsatisfying feel to it, but I almost prefer that over attempting to rush into a resolution. There were too many open questions to really cover. That being said, many of these questions remain, and it made me really want to know more (perhaps in a second season?).

So when all is said and done, I'm still not sure I understand Zelda as a character. Is she meant to represent a separate, competing faction within the Commonwealth? She seemed like such a strange addition at the last minute who got way too much focus...only to disappear into the night.

We haven't gotten too many chances to see Princess act like an actual noble, so this scene was quite interesting. I'm assuming that Princess is referring to the current plans for revolution as evidence for her statement. The current revolution seems to be an attempt to right the wrongs of the one that separated Ange and Charlotte.

I get the whole idea of teaching Ange a lesson about friendship and whatnot, but this "message" feels more like the kind of lesson you show in an introductory episode, not the finale.

Once again, I feel like I'm missing a reference from a previous episode. Is this just the hat that Princess normally wears? I guess this scene is meant to indicate that the Duke now knows she's involved in the plots interfering with his own plans. I was wondering if I missed some reference to the past or something...

As a final minor comment, I did have a question about this scene in particular. Why exactly did Chise come down on the rope to join the team if they were just going to fly back up into the rafters? Was it just for the grand entrance?

Final Score: 8/10

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