Made in Abyss Episode 12: Learning the ropes

This episode's climax wasn't really the development I was expecting as setup for the final episode, but I have to admit that it makes sense. Having Nanachi join the group is a very reasonable stopping point for this series and Mitty is really the only thing holding her back. The "dream" scene with Riko also seemed to support this. It looked as though it was showing a crying Mitty looking pleadingly at Riko. Perhaps that was meant to indicate that Mitty also wants to end her suffering.

That being said, I have to say that the explanation about the Curse was the most interesting piece of the episode for me. The cloth made for a good demonstration of how it works and I liked that it tied into the forcefield that has been mentioned on multiple occasions. Since the forcefield was relevant to other phenomena in the Abyss, it's cool to learn that they're all actually connected.

I also liked the idea of linking the forcefield's movements to changes in consciousness. It was a really nice way to give a concrete reasoning to the danger of the lower layers.

The part that I didn't really understand in this episode was the return to Kiyui at the top. I acknowledge that it addresses a question I posed much earlier in the series, but it still seemed...random? I'm sure there's some deeper purpose that I'm missing, but I just couldn't understand the timing of the scene. It seemed to end pretty simply too, suggesting that the cause of the mysterious illness was just the Abyss.

Part of me is wondering whether it's meant to contrast with the explanation of the Curse. The people on the surface were really quick to accept that Kiyui's recovery was just a quirk of the Abyss. However, the explanations in this episode seem to suggest the opposite. They suggest that the series is truly willing to explain itself even if things look "magical".

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