Anime Review: Isekai Shokudou

I mentioned this series while it was airing, but I didn't really say much about it. While this series didn't really do anything crazy as a slice of life show, I looked forward to watching it every week. Admittedly, I probably have a bias in favor of food shows. And that's pretty much what this series is. It revolves around a Western restaurant in Japan connected to a fantasy world. Every week, the restaurant opens, allowing the other world's residents to enter and eat.

I said it before, but I found the reactions to the food in this series very charming. The descriptions generally felt a lot more accessible to me than those of other food shows. The show presented characters that were legitimately experiencing a new world of food and doing their best to describe it with what they knew. Maybe I'm just too much of a food pleb, but that was the impression I got.

Much of the show revolves around introducing each character and focusing on their unique perspective within the restaurant. I liked that the episode individualized each character with their own "story" while also giving them a favorite dish to further act as an identity. I'd also say that this show was one of those rare cases where I noticeably liked the character designs.

This series probably falls under the category of "relaxing" anime, and I think the music certainly helps. The background music sounds whimsical as the characters experience the restaurant, but it also has tracks that sound mysterious as they discover the strange restaurant. I thought it was a satisfying experience overall to watch this series, even if I might not remember it in five years.

Overall Score: 7/10

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