Fate/Apocrypha Episode 12: Bullying Lancer as always

Well, this episode seems to be setting up a completely different battle for the second half of this series. As always, being Lancer is suffering. I wasn't expecting Darnic to fully invest by taking over Lancer in his Dracula form. What exactly was his plan if he managed to kill everyone? It's not like every Servant of Red was participating in that fight, after all.

I was hoping for a bit more out of this truce than what we saw. While it's true that everyone contributed, it still looked like an extension of the fight between Dracula and Karna in the end. It really doesn't take too long before the Red Servants are taken out of the fight.

And on that note, what exactly was the reasoning for that? Was it just because Ruler had used the Command Spell to gain the allegiance of the Red Servants? It also looked like Shiro took the Command Spells from the masters as well...or at least forced them to use them up. I'm not sure I fully understand that part.

I don't know why I didn't guess that the character literally named "Shiro" was secretly a Servant. I really should have known better. I guess they did set up his vendetta, but Darnic really didn't feel too "present" in the first half of the series. Is he really just dead now?

I suppose this development is meant to set up a new type of Grail War for the future, one in which the two Rulers fight for control over the war or something. I'm not sure what to make of it yet, so I guess we'll see. With Darnic dead, I'm not sure how much is left of Shiro's motivation to make him an interesting villain.

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