Knight's & Magic Episode 12: The big reason

For some reason, I found this episode funnier than I think was intended. It has always been an aspect of this series, but I found it stood out more in this episode. I mean, they even bothered to make a joke out of the fact that the sword guy leaves his swords scattered across the battlefield. That's more than I would expect.

I'm starting to feel like it's a conspiracy that the Guair gets the good fights. And it was a small thing, but I totally thought that the sword machine was going to explode after Dietrich stabbed it. It's a common scene in mecha series and they definitely had a good excuse given that the Ether Reactor had just failed.

It's a bit sad that this statement has to be made. Still, I don't have a problem with presenting an enemy who is an actual challenge for Ernesti. You'd expect Ernesti to laugh off the big surprises that Oratio throws at him in a typical villain interaction, but they're actually having a legitimate competition.

I'd say my biggest source of confusion in this episode is the timetable. Ernesti had time to solve the smokescreen issues with the Ikaruga, and Oratio had time to upgrade the Vyers. I really can't keep up with how much time is passing.

Ernesti's final comment in the episode also ended up being pretty funny. His motivation is just to keep the fighting restricted to giant robots, which is hilarious. There are no grand ideals going on for this guy...

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