Kakegurui Episode 11: Stakes are getting higher

This week's episode went back to being a bit more predictable. That's not necessarily a bad thing because it makes the twists a bit more satisfying. Some of the recent ones have just felt confusing.

That being said, I definitely didn't see the president's return. I would argue, though, that I don't really understand what her reveal accomplished in the game. Was she really the only person who could legitimize Sumeragi's bet? It felt more like she was only there to set up a final showdown with Yumeko.

Interestingly enough, this week's episode shows its hand when Yumeko literally shows her hand. That was kind of a nice touch. I had to either accept that Sumeragi was stupid enough to give away her desperation or smart enough to realize that she was brought up to help trick Manyuda. Given her resolve from the previous episode, it made more sense for her to provide the contributing factor in the gamble. Ripping out all of her fingernails might have been a bit overkill, though.

When you really get down to it, Manyuda effectively lost because he expected Yumeko to use the exact same strategy that she used in the previous hand, discarding a good hand to get a losing hand. Why exactly did he think she would do the same thing again? I guess I was hoping for a bit more out of him.

The supernova discussion seemed a bit strange, but I guess it works. It seems like a simple comparison for the point that the president was trying to make. It probably just has to do with admiring the brilliance of a "life" in its dying state.

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