Re:Creators Final Episode (22): Finishing the story

This epilogue didn't end up being anything crazy, but I'd say it was a very satisfying conclusion. I think my overall impression of this series is that it had its flaws, but I really did enjoy the details put into each of the characters (I might have said this before). Also, I just want to note that I appreciate that the series didn't revive characters for a happier ending. That was honestly surprising.

The final revelation in the series that the story is written by Meteora would normally feel like a cheap reference to itself, but I think it works in this series. The story has been constantly focused on the concept of writing stories. Plus, the series makes tons of meta references, so it's only fitting.

Using Meteora as an author also somewhat addresses a complaint I've had with the series, the fact that the series largely ignores the mechanics of the world it's presenting. Given that Meteora is still fairly new to the "real world", she has no reason to really know as much about it. She's a bit justified in keeping those details out because she's still learning how the real world is supposed to work.

To that point, the most curious piece of this episode was this conversation about what will happen to the creations after they return to their story. Will they branch themselves into another world or will they be forced back into the whims of their creators? It's kind of a weird hole in this series becuase it has some free will implications.

It also approaches some fun questions about "world creation". If they can go back and create a new world, that means that a force other than a "creator" can create a world. You could also argue that their time in the "real world" influenced their creators, which in turn influenced their story. So in a way, they did change their world.

On a more positive note, I think this line is probably my favorite one from this episode. All in all, it's a good point. Despite all of the effort that the creators put into the story they built, none of it was able to defeat Altair. What ended it all was effectively a miracle...which I can agree is kinda disappointing in some ways.

I just have one final comment on this episode. While I get that Magane was given her exit in her airport scene, I was honestly surprised that she had no cameo in this episode. Did I miss it?

Final Score: 8/10

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