Made in Abyss Episode 11: Fetch quests

I guess this week's episode was a bit of a breather after last week's episode. We got a bit more of an introduction of Nanachi, who seems to be a pretty interesting character. Although Nanachi was overtly teasing Reg, I still got the sense that the "looming danger" to Riko's life was very real...even if Nanachi insisted on downplaying it.

My only real complaint was about the repetition in the opening of the episode. From how it started, I was hoping we'd get to see more from Nanachi's perspective, but we only really saw that she was watching Riko and Reg. That alone might have been good enough, but Nanachi specifically explains later that she was watching the whole time.

Reg's fetch quest ended up being a bit interesting. It stood out to me because it's really the first time he's been able to work alone in the Abyss. The fourth layer that was so treacherous last week seemed more tame without Riko as added baggage. I'm not sure whether to attribute it to the lack of dead weight or to the instructions from Nanachi.

Nanachi's past seems pretty intriguing too. The flashback this week seems to imply that White Whistle influence may be involved in her special condition as a "thinking" Hollow. I also like that she comes off as being deceptively serious. It seems like there's a lot of truth behind what she says as jokes. Maybe that's just my impression.

There's also a brief memory sequence from Reg. It seemed to suggest that he was responsible for the grave marked by Blaze Reap. The fact that Reg brushed it off actually has me wondering a bit. Could Lyza really be dead?

As a final note, the last scene in this episode feels like another cheap cliffhanger. Sure, Mitty seems like she's advancing on Riko, but I'd be really surprised if there's any real danger.

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