Sakurada Reset Final Episode (24): Surprisingly interesting

While I'm not disappointed with this ending, it still nags at me as a bit of a distraction from the grand ending we got last week. That being said, I can still appreciate starting and ending the story with Sumire. In a way, this entire story is her orchestration. As far as endings go, I don't really have any major complaints.

I quite like this line from Sumire, showing just how much pain she feels right now.

I think using the "trapped in stone" exercise in the final episode like this worked pretty well to reference the first Witch. Much as the first Witch did when she was proposing the exercise, Sumire demonstrates how she used her foresight ability to benefit the man she loved. The two are linked not only by their ability alone, but also by how they ultimately use it.

I was definitely worried that the series would try to end with one final piece of drama, but this episode ended up being pretty mellow overall. The love triangle is resolved in a pretty reasonable way too, as Sumire and Misora acknowledge each other as a rival with the abilities each lacks in herself.

This episode even resolved a point of confusion I had in a recent episode by acknowledging that Sumire was always the "real" Sumire. I wonder if that big scene as this Sumire was about to kill herself was supposed to be a hint.

I guess I have to thank Tsuki ga Kirei for giving me the background to understand the significance of this scene. I suppose it's a nice gesture from Kei to show that he cares even if he didn't choose Sumire in the end.

Final Score: 7/10 I really liked this ending, but I'm unwilling to give a higher score because of how long it took to get here.

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