Fate/Apocrypha Episode 11: Spartacus really let himself go

I understand that every Servant needs to get their chance to fight and all, but I almost want to say that this fight has dragged on too far. I get the sense that the series has too many characters to show off. I'd be more okay with it if I could actually enjoy watching the fights.

Complaints aside, the main fight of the episode between Vlad and Karna seemed pretty interesting. They're both pretty self-confident fighters with different personalities, which makes them a pretty good match for each other. Karna tends to be reserved and Vlad is pretty bombastic in contrast.

I don't even know what to say about Spartacus. I don't even understand how a hero who stands up for the oppressed translates into a masochist who gains energy through pain. The fact that he defends those that are constantly downtrodden doesn't necessarily mean that he was also beaten down.

Sieg's power sure ran out quickly...

I don't really get this scene overall. Vlad is unaware that he's been weakened, but Darnic understands? This might be related to my next point, but it seems pretty strange for a Servant to know less about his limitations than his master.

Vlad's backstory actually ends up being interesting. Are Servant abilities determined by their legends? That makes Vlad a cool case since he rejects the stories that people created about him. So the very thing that makes him most famous is the part of him that disgusts him the most. It certainly explains a lot.

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