Knight's & Magic Episode 11: Bringing out the big guns

I still think it's cool how this series escalates technological advances, but I thought this episode wasn't super interesting overall. I think my main issue is the prince. It's not particularly satisfying for me to see a character who was clearly propped up as a simple "evil guy" die in rather unceremonious manner. It feels like a general lack of creativity. Heck, I even thought the prince's suicide was another act of stupidity at first. It looked a lot like he was trying to bring down Ernesti, who had already demonstrated that he could fly.

Uhh...good for Kid? I suppose it's nice when the main character doesn't get the girl, but I get the sense that Ernesti's a bit too far off for that kind of development.

I'm not sure I totally understood what Ernesti was saying about etherite, but it sounds like they're acting as a battery system. I'm more curious about what Ernesti said about the etherite degrading the Ether Reactor. It reminds me a bit of how combustion engines get worn by the explosions that happen inside them.

You know, I was honestly expecting the new dragon unit to be called a Mobile Armor. That was totally what I thought it was. And I think it's great that Oratio adapted Ernesti's technology to suit his own preferences rather than blindly copying them (like the laboratory did in the mock fight).

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