Princess Principal Episode 10: Role models

This was a pretty enjoyable episode despite how rough it was. I think my favorite thing about this series is how it uses missions to give background for characters. It's not the standard style of presenting a situation that is roughly similar to the character's past. The missions are often directly use people from the past to stir up the memories, which is how memories work.

This episode did a good job of introducing the Farm, where Dorothy and Ange were trained. I'm really curious about this line, though. Did something tragic happen to the other spies? The description of the Farm suggested that girls were dismissed for performing poorly, but it's hard to believe that only three spies were good enough.

I was really expecting this episode to be more boring after the premise of the double agent was revealed. It's a pretty simple concept that's pretty predictable when a random ally spy is introduced. But at the end of the day, the reversal on Dorothy was a nice touch. Though, I really should have seen it coming given that Ange is never mentioned by name. I definitely didn't expect the episode to show the suicide on screen.

I'm a bit torn about the conversation between Dorothy and Prefect at the end, though. On the one hand, I like that the series gives you the clues rather than telling you the answer. From what we see in the episode, it seems like Prefect has been forced to self-administer some substance to keep herself alive or lucid.

Dorothy's statement seems to make it clear that the enemy, likely the Duke, exploited a moment of weakness to force the Prefect's dependence on that substance. I guess I was just hoping for more answers. Maybe I also wanted Dorothy to understand why she was being betrayed before losing her friend.

As for the ending, I guess we're in the final stretch. Given that this episode was case 22, we're probably on a normal timeline now. I would expect the final two episodes to complete the story with cases 23 and 24.

Final side note: this scene with Beatrice driving the card was unexpectedly hilarious.

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