Kakegurui Episode 10: Bringing in the money

I admit I might have brushed Sumeragi aside a bit while I was watching these episodes. I didn't expect the focus of the two games we've seen to ultimately be about bringing her over to Yumeko's side. However, her addition to the game makes sense given the kind of game it is.

As everyone pointed out in this episode, this style of poker relies heavily on the amount of money each player has. Sumeragi's only real defining feature so far is her father's money, so she acts as a perfect money pot to even the odds for Yumeko.

Once again, this series has me hopeful with Manyuda. While the nature of the game is currently in his favor, he hasn't made any crazy moves yet. He seems to be relying on his intellect to win the game. That would make this game potentially the only game that's actually a mental battle, as Manyuda struggles to figure out any pattern in the wild nature of Yumeko. At least, that's the direction I hope this game is taking.

While I didn't have much of an opinion on Sumeragi before this episode, I thought her flashback in the end was pretty entertaining. It seemed to paint the student council and Manyuda in a good light right before she rejects them in favor of backing Yumeko. It makes sense too, since she's realizing Manyuda didn't see her as a comrade.

I want to touch on this scene too on the side. I'm not sure if this is just a translation thing, but were we ever told before this that house pets only get a single forced match? I never got that sense when it was originally described, but Sumeragi's statement about wasting the match makes it sound like Yumeko only has one. And given that house pets are treated like trash, it would make sense that they can't constantly challenge other students. But are they only telling us this now or is it something that I missed?

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