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Well, I certainly wasn't expecting a resolution in this episode. It's an interesting ending because I feel like the vague concept of having Setsuna talk Altair out of her plans to destroy the world was pretty much the only way this ending could have played out. It was already established that none of the other creations could stand up to Altair. However, I still don't think I could have guessed how this episode ended up happening.

I think part of what makes this ending difficult is it largely depends on how you see Setsuna. At the end of the day, she's a creation spawned from Sota's memory of Setsuna. If you see her as a fake, this could be a really cruel ending for Altair, despite how it's presented.

I feel like the multiple references to a "miracle" of Setsuna's creation are meant to suggest that she's more than just a shadow of Sota's guilt, but it's a bit hard to say. Part of what has always bugged me about this series is that the mechanics of the world are really fuzzy. It's possible that part of the miracle of her creation was the fact that she's actually more like Setsuna than Sota intended.

Sota's "resolution" in this ending is also a bit hard to reconcile. On the one hand, he literally created Setsuna and his fake version "forgave" him for how he treated the real Setsuna. I'm really not sure what to make of that.

On the other hand, what he said about wanting to see Setsuna's world was interesting. With the help of the people he's met in this series, he was able to recreate Setsuna. It's kind of the question of whether a creator is necessarily "above" their creation. It might be related to the general message of the series.

Anyway, I'm curious to see what happens next week. It looks like we're getting some sort of epilogue, and I'm wondering what will happen to the creations. Presumably, they all just go back to their worlds. However, you could argue that they've separated themselves enough from their worlds to the point where they no longer need to return.

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