Knight's & Magic Episode 10: Vengeance

I guess this week's episode was mostly about setting up new relationships. Kid has pretty much been paired with Eleonora, and Ernesti has met his adult self (though he's technically already an adult in mind). I think giving Ernesti a rival innovator should make things more interesting. It also explains why the enemy kingdom was able to repurpose the stolen Silhouette Knights so quickly.

On Kid's side of things, I don't have too many comments. Eleonora's story of growing into her new role as ruler doesn't seem too special. But at least it gives Kid something to do other than play subordinate to Ernesti.

How do top two back weapons? Use four back weapons!

The big "key" reveal in this episode felt like it should have been more important than it was. My reaction is probably related to how the key was originally presented in the series. Of course, it makes sense that the invaders wouldn't expect Ernesti to develop a security system. I'm sure Silhouette Knight theft was something that had always existed in this world, and Ernesti is the first person to actually do something about it.

And finally, I want to talk about...well, I can't remember her name. While her death seems pretty deserved, I was honestly expecting more of a fight out of her. Sure, she was able to get a hit on Edgar, but she was effectively demolished in this battle. Maybe she's not that important of a character after all.

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