Princess Principal Episode 9: One of us

Although I generally consider Chise to be one of my least favorite characters, this episode focused around her worked pretty well. My general complaint is that she's pigeonholed as the foreigner, but I think that trait is used well in this episode. As someone who is legitimately an outsider experiencing the world of the story for the first time, Chise acts as a great way to show the audience more about the actual setting.

The second half of this week's episode was more focused on Chise. At first, I kinda shrugged off her "acceptance" into the group as pretty mundane. However, make sure to take into account the timeline of this series. This episode covers case 11, which chronologically occurs soon after case 9 in episode 4. One of the main points in that episode was Chise's frustration about the team's lack of trust in her. That made this episode seem much more reasonable in my eyes.

Quick note: this scene kinda bugged me. What kind of innocent person would ask for proof before being accused? But it wasn't important to the episode overall.

I'm a bit curious about Chise's conversations with her superior in this episode, though. Why are they continuing to focus on Operation: Changeling? Perhaps I missed it somewhere along the way, but are they still planning on going through with replacing Princess? Or is that just the name for the current state of using Princess as a spy?

This is kind of a random piece, but I found Chise surprisingly relatable in this episode. I'd be lying if I said I've never tried to hit a baseball like this...

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