Kakegurui Episode 9: Trust the dice

I wasn't really having much fun watching this week's episode. I thought the game in this episode was pretty boring overall. It might partly have to do with idol variety shows not fully clicking with me, but I think it's mostly that the presentation of the game was boiled down to a bunch of dice rolls for the most part.

However, the end of the episode made it seem like this week's game was only meant to be a precursor for the real game next week, so I'm hoping that makes up for things. It would be cool if the next game incorporated elements from this week's game.

If Yumeko was telling the truth about relying solely on luck to win this game, then this might be the luckiest she's ever been. I mean, it fits her character and the story, but those odds seem astronomical. Let's not forget the die roll that she had to get right at reduced odds. I was expecting at least some other trick to it.

There's another piece to the month guess thing that I was expecting to be part of the explanation in this episode. While it's true that 6 and 9 are the best digits for perpetrating Yumeko's ruse, there's another level to them. As an aside, I want to mention that you could probably cause the same confusion with the numbers 1 and 11 (by pretending to write the second 1). But choosing 6 also gives you more win conditions in this game because you would be the closest month if the correct answer is anywhere from January to July, covering 7 months.

I don't even know what to make of the fan club's response to the recording of Yumemi. Maybe this is some kind of reference to idol fan culture, but I know pretty much nothing about that. I suppose the fan club, being the most devoted, would have the highest probability of accepting the recording. It's just hard for me to understand the thought process.

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