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Okay, Altair. Now you're just showing off. After everything that happened in last week's episode, this week's episode felt a bit lacking, but it still had its good points. Sirius was an interesting twist, but I think her presentation was really poor in this episode. She's deemed the ultimate secret weapon that the Creators have been preparing, but she's basically just a throwaway to give Sota the stage.

My main issue with Sirius was that she was effectively buried in this world's technobabble, making her impossible to understand. All of this talk of "Existence Coefficients" and such come out of nowhere. I get the sense that Sirius was never meant to work, but I would at least hope to have some understanding of her purpose. Why would the creators think they could just slap together a creation and use it to take over Altair's personality?

As strange as it sounds, Yuya's condition makes me feel a bit better about last week's episode. I was expecting a massacre of creations leading up to the ending. So the fact that he hasn't fully disappeared makes me feel like the series isn't expecting some blanket resurrection to solve everything.

And of course, the big reveal of this week's episode was the fact that Sota has injected Setsuna into the Birdcage in a final attempt to change Altair's mind. Given how impossibly strong Altair has shown herself to be, that's pretty much the only possible ending at this point. It makes things interesting.

My only real comment is that I still don't get what Magane did. It was a good buildup to the realization of Setsuna to have Magane chant her spell in sync with Sota, but I still don't get how that power helped. Plus, can Sota still do more with it?

Final side comment: this scene was a ridiculous amount of effort to create a flail.

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