Made in Abyss Episode 9: Once more into the brink

This week's episode was a good display of what Riko and Reg learned from Ozen. That being said, I'm a little skeptical about the fact that Reg immediately uses his laser after the warning from Ozen (which even showed up in a flashback). I get that he was trying to be decisive and everything, but I would have expected more attempts to fight without it. Maybe they still weren't deep enough for Riko to be completely helpless.

The confrontation with the monster from the beginning of the series is a good indication of the true start of the journey. The two go from being woefully underprepared to being somewhat competent, and they prove themselves by eliminating the first obstacle they ever faced together.

I also thought it was interesting that Riko got the chance to fend for herself without Reg. It sets the stage for the times to come. Based on what we've heard so far, the series suggests that Reg's cooldown time is just a period of no progress for the main characters. However, this first time seems to indicate that it can't be so easy.

Maybe I'm just reading too much into things, but I would have preferred if Riko was the one using the pickaxe at the end of the episode. It just seems a bit like a cheat if Reg wakes up just in time to save her, especially since Ozen took the time to teach Riko how to use the axe. Either way, it was a good episode overall. In particular, it (specifically the monsters) looked a lot better than some of the previous episodes.

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