Knight's & Magic Episode 9: The next quest

I'm not sure if my perception is distorted by the accelerated timeline in this series, but this week's progression seemed pretty reasonable overall. Immediately after (finally) giving Ernesti his custom Silhouette Knight, the series proceeds directly to the biggest loose end available, the stolen prototype Silhouette Knight. I'm going to ignore the fact that the plot is a pretty standard "save the princess" line.

As a random question: were there extra sound effects in the opening song? I'm pretty sure those weren't there in previous episodes. I didn't really understand what they added, I happened to notice them before skipping the opening.

After being focused on Ernesti for so long, it's nice that the series pans out to show a completely different part of the world next. It's easy to forget that his innovations are still barely in implementation, so a separate kingdom like Kuschpercha would have no clue that these new suits even exist.

It's definitely nice to see the new Ikaruga in action. It's pretty much as overpowered as you would expect. Personally, I'm really curious about how it manages power, since that's been such a recurring issue. I didn't get a clear sense from last week's episode if the dual core that Ernesti created was meant to solve that issue.

While the Bronze Fang people are fine, this new kingdom that they're helping seems a bit suspect. I guess we're not supposed to think too much about them, but this prince was the worst of them. He felt like he was being portrayed as excessively evil just for the sake of being evil. How do we make this guy seem even more evil? Have him drug an innocent princess! Brilliant!

Guair still gets all of the good fights. However, this new enemy unit seems interesting too. Slamming a bunch of swords together in a single Silhouette Knight sounds like this world's version of Exia. I can't complain.

Anyway, this change could be interesting. Up to this point, Ernesti has been making whatever he wants. I'm curious to see how he will act when he has to create new weapons in response to an enemy.

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