Fate/Apocrypha Episode 9: More scattered fights

Okay, I take back what I said about last week's episode. This episode was the one with all of the action. Actually, I'd argue that some of the transitions between the fights seemed a bit random. We flipped between pretty much every fight, but only Rider's fight and Fran's fight really amounted to anything.

Am I supposed to understand what's going on with Ruler? Based on my understanding, she's only really pursuing the red faction because they tried to attack her. I guess she states this week that it's strange that they would do that, but it feels odd to watch her fervently pursuing Shirou without know what's going on.

Also, this scene made me suspect that Ruler would run into Sisigo when I first watched it because of the vague nature of her quest.

I still can't take Atalanta seriously, and her battle with Spartacus really didn't help. I can't help but feel like she's just supposed to be the nameless support character. But at least she got a big attack off, right?

Achilles and Chiron probably used up their screen time last week, but we didn't get much more than banter from them.

I guess this stuff with Rider is meant to set up the rivalry between Sieg and Mordred that we saw in the first episode. Sieg will likely unlock Siegfried's power to save Rider next week.

Using Shakespeare to show us Fran's background was pretty nice. The flashback also had the aspects of a Western horror film, which made sense given the source material. Though, Fran's reactions looked pretty strange...was I the only one who thought that?

Yeah, I'm with you, Ruler. This Grail War seems to be breaking all of the rules.

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