Princess Principal Episode 8: What started it all

For an episode with very little spy stuff, this week's episode was very entertaining. Ange and Charlotte's past was really well done even if we had been shown many of the pieces in previous episodes. I was mostly expecting to just get the rest of the pieces, but everything in this episode fit together much better than I expected.

The use of a revolt to swap the princess and the pickpocket was a nice way to explain the swap, especially since the pickpocket Ange would be less willing to force the princess into a pauper's life. The "princess" was perfectly justified to keep her identity a secret in the chaos of the rebellion because the revolutionaries were targeting nobility, which gave the guards a reason to ignore her pleas.

My only real question would be why they never found a way to meet each other after that point? The simple answer would be that the princess was placed under much stricter guard or moved to some unknown location. It's mostly just curiosity on my end, though.

I also appreciated Ange's acknowledgement of the hardships that the fake princess would have suffered, despite how lavish her new life may have seemed. It's hard to imagine that a random girl on the street could accomplish so much, but I guess desperation can be a pretty strong motivator. That being said, I'm also curious about what happened on Ange's end. While I will agree that Charlotte's life has been rough, I imagine Ange has had her own share of hardship. After this episode, I'm even more curious to see what happened to her.

Everything ends up culminating in a final acknowledgement from Ange that the fake Charlotte has become the real princess as a result of all of her perseverance. This scene was a great nod to the beginning of the episode too, where Ange tells Charlotte that she calls her "Princess" out of respect for the work she has done to become a real Princess.

But man I feel sorry for Chise. She had to hang upside down in the cold for the whole episode...

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