Re:Creators Episode 19: Falling apart

This week's episode definitely had a lot of stuff going on, but it was also a bit worrying. I'm wondering if the series gave away its hand a bit too much. When too many characters start dying, I tend to suspect that they will be brought back later. Honestly, I would be much more impressed with this series if they don't bring anyone back at this point.

I'm also wondering a bit how I would feel as a viewer in this event. Doesn't Altair seem annoyingly strong at this point? I feel like I'd have trouble accepting that.

Alicetaria's death definitely has me conflicted. I like how it ended, with Altair taunting her for believing that she is the main character in this story. The fact that Alicetaria is the main character of her story and the sole savior of her world has been brought up multiple times in this series, so it's a fitting end for her. I guess I just didn't feel anything for her death. After going through Mamika's death, Alicetaria didn't seem to deserve a death like that.

This moment with Hikayu was pretty funny for me. It sounded like a reference to the fact that fighting games aren't usually known for having strong stories.

For what it's worth, Selesia had a pretty good end despite how unconvincing it was. She starts by acknowledging that the story of her reality is a terrible story, one that is completely out of the control of her Creator. She then defies everyone to decide her own ending, realizing how she has negatively impacted the mission and using her own will to benefit the team. Matsubara's plea about forgetting the story was also pretty great too because Selesia had already forsaken the story by that point.

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