Knight's & Magic Episode 8: Finally full build

It looks like the secrets of the Ether Reactors are finally revealed. They were...not as interesting as I expected. I guess I was expecting more of a dark secret behind them, not a simple case of lacking ability. Instead, the explanation we got felt strange. The elder insists that no human could ever create a reactor because they don't live long enough, but Ernesti learns how to do it in 3 months. I know he's overpowered, but that seems a bit absurd.

Compared to the mech-on-mech battles we've seen up to this point, the battle to defend the secret village was much less impressive. But I guess you can't really ask for much when the main characters are literally squashing bugs. It's nice to keep seeing new suits, but the fight itself was just a massacre.

Even the queen went down pretty quickly against Ernesti. I guess they needed an excuse to give him another danger beast heart.

I didn't really mind the history that this episode gave for the Alvs, though. They seem pretty interesting even if they're totally not elves.

It seems Ernesti finally has his custom suit now. I'm definitely curious to see how it will do in battle and what new features Ernesti has been able to add now that every part of the suit is his creation.

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