Kakegurui Episode 7: Heavy reversals

While I liked how Midari and Yumeko were contrasted in this episode, I had a hard time watching it. I'm guessing that this was intentional since the episode was meant to show an uglier side (it even had the horror show basement setting). I've just never been a fan of that kind of thing.

In some ways, I agree with Yumeko's assessment of the game. I thought it might be the first time that Yumeko would face someone who would actually play the game out of sheer enjoyment of the random nature. Instead, the game ended up being pretty similar to other games. The only exception is that Midari rigged the game to end in her loss rather than her win. I guess her insanity was supposed to make up for that fact.

I liked Yumeko's reaction to Midari overall. I think it was pretty easy to compare the two given that they both seem to ignore the bet when they're gambling. Yumeko's rejection was a nice reference to this assumption as the episode proceeded to explain why the two were different.

And Yumeko has a fair point. I don't particularly enjoy playing games against people who are trying to lose either. Yumeko probably wants to face her opponent on relatively equal ground and hopes that the random nature of gambling decides the outcome. The fact that Yumeko is compared to the president makes me a bit nervous, though. It makes me wonder if we're getting more of the same until that "final showdown".

On the side, I thought it was nice that Mary rejected the student council president's invitation, but it made me wonder why any of the others in the student council even accepted. I suppose they just heavily admire the president's personality or something (similar to how people are starting to fawn over Yumeko). But at the end of the day, a "strong sense of justice" has nothing to do with it. If I were in the situation, I wouldn't want to join the council just to cater to the president's whims. Are they just there to please her?

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