Re:Creators Episode 18: Everyone is assembled!

There was definitely a lot of stuff going on in this episode, but I think it's pretty easy to boil it down. Pretty much everyone has turned on Altair. And with Charon's entrance, I think we've covered pretty much every character that needs to be introduced in this battle (except a potential new design from Sota).

I still think Suruga is overestimating her fans. She states that using Meteora to bring back Blitz's daughter was easier than expected, but I honestly think it wouldn't have been too hard to bring her back within the context of her story. That being said, this definitely explains Meteora's comment to Suruga about the story.

Hikayu's redesign was definitely the strangest one in my eyes. I was expecting her to gain some random powers, but she was basically ported into a completely different game type. Still, I enjoyed her moments a lot more than I expected. Her entrance was hilarious, and it was pretty great that she was the one who eventually defeated Sho.

Sota and Magane's discussion is probably my favorite piece of this episode. Sota shows a distinctly different approach from his previous conversation with Magane, indicating that he's actually changed. And rather than stubbornly attacking Magane, he tries to understand her stance to properly reject it.

Now I'm just curious to what extent Magane ended up helping him. I still don't have a great grasp of how her power works, so I'm not entirely sure what Sota can do now. Can he create without needing approval from the audience?

The spoiler piece was unexpectedly funny for how tense this battle is supposed to be.

It's also great that even the creation can't believe the creator's story. That's gotta be rough.

I don't really want to sound like I'm complaining about Alicetaria's section of the episode, but I kinda wish her betrayal had more of an impact in the battle itself. Charon seems to have stolen the spotlight there. I suppose there's still plenty of time for her to contribute.

Given how easily Sho's issues with Yuuya seem to have been resolved in this episode, I'm surprised that Charon's reveal is such a big deal. Just how impactful is this supposed to be? My only thought is that it's a fun display of how Yuuya and Selesia approached their stories. Yuuya willingly accepted information from his creator while Selesia chose not to hear anything from the light novel version of her story. Maybe it's finally coming back to bite her.

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