Made in Abyss Episode 5: New old powers

Well, the Abyss still looks like a cool place despite the fact that this episode seemed to focus on the reality of the food chain in it. It's a bit odd that Reg always seems so much more expressive and reacts more naturally than Riko does when he's supposed to be the robot. When the episode focused in on his thoughts and doubts during his attempt to rescue Riko, he seemed very human. It's really tough to believe that he's really a robot.

The return of the laser ended up being pretty quick. It brings up certain questions about how effective it will really be, but at least it makes Riko's survival in the Abyss a lot more believable. I'm guessing that the scene where Reg passes out from firing the laser is also meant to be a bit of a reversal. It's probably meant to show that Riko can support Reg as well.

This week's main monster probably looked the most reasonable out of the monsters that have been introduced so far in this series. At the very least, I didn't notice anything crazy while watching the monster move. I don't think I can say the same for the monkeys, though.

Anyway, next up is meeting Ozen. I'm sure it'll be interesting since White Whistles have been subjects of great praise so far in this series. Given Habo's warning, Ozen might be the contrast to that perception. I'm curious to see how that turns out.

I have a random question about this end card. Riko and Reg are always shown separately in the diagram despite being in the same spot every week. Will there ever be a point when they're actually separated on this map?

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