Sakurada Reset Episode 18: Secret plans - Urachi side

While a couple of details are still missing, we pretty much found out Urachi's plan this week. Force the Bureau to hit the panic button and wipe out all abilities by making it look like all abilities, especially the dangerous ones, are starting to go out of control. I really need to stop mixing up the manifestation of an ability with its actual function. I pretty much convinced myself that Urachi wasn't the person from Kei's first day in Sakurada because I thought his power was different.

Kei's kind of an interesting existence in this world. The whole concept around abilities in this series revolves around this idea that a talent that you don't realize is effectively a talent you don't have. As such, Kei pretty much acts as a perfect embodiment of the idea that knowledge is power because he can never not know.

I think my main concern with this episode was some of the stuff surrounding Ukawa. I don't understand why Kei would say to look for Ukawa in "child form" if he knew Urachi's plan. Even if he hadn't fully figured out Urachi's power yet, it doesn't make sense for Urachi to use Ukawa's child form. The Bureau is already aware of her power, so wouldn't they notice that Ukawa looked drastically different?

Also, I don't care about the etymology of the name. It's still just a reference to the Spanish word, so I'm sticking with "Sakurada".

Anyway, I guess the next step in this series is to find out what Sumire's plan was. I'm curious about whether she really intends to obstruct Urachi's plan. Her motivation could be as simple as wanting to save Kei from being alone as an ability user.

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