Fate/Apocrypha Episode 5: Finding life

This week's episode felt pretty mellow in comparison to last week's episode, but it introduced some interesting elements. I'm guessing we needed to cool down a bit after Siegfried's death. And on that note, I'll start with Sieg. The stuff about his name was pretty simple. He probably only took half of Siegfried's name because he thinks of himself as half a person or something.

I was a little curious about Sieg's view of the other homunculi, though. If he was just like the other homunculi and still managed to escape his captivity, why doesn't he wish it on the others? It's true that there's no Siegfried around to give any of the others a new heart. I guess the explanation could be as simple as that. He might not want to wish the suffering he experienced before his "death" on the other homunculi. But why does he make it sound like they're incapable of acting as he did?

Introducing Assassin of Black as a third faction in this war makes things interesting. I think it makes the series get closer to the normal Fate stories if the alliances are a bit more shaky. Also, is she supposed to be Jack the Ripper? It seems like an appropriate identity for Assassin, and it would mean that she's the next target for the series.

We also get some background on Ruler this week. I apologize for my misconception in episode 2. This explanation clears that up nicely. The mistake in her summoning was her lack of body, not the fact that she was summoned in the first place.

Is this a Ruler-specific power or is this just a mundane prediction? Is Jeanne able to see the future?

Also, Astolfo managed to get off pretty easy.

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